Why Smoking in Your Car Can Endanger Your Loved Ones

1. Honestly, it stinks!

Ever been the passenger in the car of a heavy smoker? The smell lingers in your car when you smoke, even if you don’t notice it. The fabric of your interior absorbs some of the stench and in some cases even gets discolored. This happens even if you smoke with your windows open.

2. Take care of your loved ones – don’t smoke in the car.

Even if you don’t intend to, second-hand smoke is harming those around you. Getting exposed to second hand smoke is never safe, at any level of exposure. Young children are especially susceptible to the dangers of cigarette smoke. It’s not appropriate to smoke in the car while transporting children. What many people don’t know is that third-hand smoke might be harmful as well. After smoking, residue and toxins stick to fabric, hair and even to your skin. This is called third-hand smoking, and it especially puts children and pets in danger according to the FDA.

3. There are other options

We all know smoking is dangerous. But not everyone can just cut off smoking without replacing it with an alternative. Luckily there are alternatives to smoking that aren’t harmful to your surroundings. Swedish snus is one of them. If you don’t know what snus is, it is a moist tobacco powder that you place under your lip. This is a great alternative to smoking, as it won’t put your pets or children in danger. You can use snus in public places where they prohibit smoking, such as restaurants and even airports. To read more about Swedish snus, visit snusdirect.com.

4. Conclusion

If you choose to continue smoking, be sure not to do it in your new car. Instead, try to take smoke breaks when you arrive at your destination. And lastly, make sure not to expose children to any second-hand smoke.