Home Mechanic – The Car Repairs You Can (Seriously) Do Yourself

Cars must be serviced frequently for optimal performance to be enjoyed. Not everyone is born with a knack for fixing cars like the mechanics. However, there are some easy repairs that almost anyone can perform and thus be able to save hundreds of Euros annually. Here are some repairs that you can do:

Changing the Wiper Blades

The best thing about changing wiper blades is that you will not get your hands greasy. After you have purchased the new blades, read the instructions before proceeding with the replacement. You may be tempted to pull the blade but resist this urge. Many auto parts dealers normally fix wiper blades for free so take advantage of such services if the opportunity arises.

Changing a Tire

It is common to come across a stranded driver with a flat tire waiting for AAA. Well, the great news is that the wait can be prevented by rising up to the occasion and DIY. Roll up your sleeves, then locate the spare tire and the tools required for the job. Lift the car using the jack, unscrew all nuts, remove the flat tire, exchange it with the spare and fasten all nuts.

Installing Air Filters

Installing air filters is easy although the major challenge lies in finding the exact location of the filters. In most cars, it’s normally above the engine. Opening plastic casings that snap is simpler than unscrewing those fitted with nuts. After the case has been opened, just take out the previous filters and replace with the new ones.

Installing the Battery

Do not fret here. A car battery has an output of approximately 12 volts thus cannot electrocute you. Use a wrench to undo the nuts while removing the dead battery. Take the new battery, place it where the old one was and fasten the connectors. Remember, keep the screws safe since they can get lost particularly when dropped inside the engine.

The Car Repairs Not to Do Yourself:

On the other hand, there are some car repairs that must be avoided at all cost. It is ill-advised to try tackling complex issues because this can lead to further damage. The repairs that you ought to avoid include:

Brakes and Belts

Never attempt to fix the brakes and belts. In addition to this, all other issues related to electronics should be taken to the professionals sooner rather than later. These areas are delicate and sloppy work can present real bad news. If you ignore this advice, the amount of money that you’ll be required to cough up in the end will be preposterous. A mechanic will ensure that repairs are done the correct way.

Oil Changes

Despite being moderately complex, oil changes are really messy. Moreover, you may end up draining the fluid inside the transmission by mistake. Also, forgetting to replace the oil pan may knock the engine; a nightmare no driver whishes for. The procedure is labour intensive and time consuming as well.All in all, it clearly emerges that there are other repairs that not only require skill but also interest and effort. Now that you know what to do and what not to do, happy driving!